Raising awarness of Epichlorohydrin

The chemical epichlorohydrin which is found in coffee filters, tea bags, water filters, salami or sausage casings when mixed with water causes the carcinogen 3-MCPD. Some of the effects of 3-MCPD include male anti-fertility and has been shown to cause cancer and tumors to laboratory animals.

While 3-MCPD is normally reported to be in many products at safe levels many of the food products which either an effect of chemical reactions such as epichlorohydrin or which directly have the 3-MCPD chemical our body’s are being exposed to a cancer causing chemical. 3-MCPD is contained in a vary of products such as soy sauce, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, condiments, bread, smoked meat products, baby food and hazelnut spreads or biscuit fillings.

Since the FDA normally cannot keep safe standards for dog food how can we be sure that products which contain 3-MCPD or epichlorohydrin are safe levels for us to consume. I also want to at least make you aware that other products also contain 3-MCPD. One of the major health risks is cancer and even though products can be classified with safe levels it is the combination of different products containing the chemical.

A list of tea companies which don’t have epichlorohydrin

Radiologic Technologist the wave of the future?

We all know that the medical industry keeps growing constantly not just in current jobs but also expectations. There is many careers in the medical field which are growing and will continue to grow causing a way for many people to go for online training programs or go back to school to obtain the ability to get into these much needed careers. One of the biggest growing careers is that of Radiologic Technologist this career in more simple terms talks about x ray technician.

This is a very fast growing career because as the demand for doctors offices grows the demand to have x ray’s done will also grow and many doctors offices like to have x ray technicians within the office so that they do not have to send patients out of there office. This is very convenient for these doctors offices.

Hospitals have the same demand if not more demand usually they are required to have a team of Radiologic technologists who can give x rays and care for the health of the hospitals patients. As new hospitals are built there is more demand for x ray’s and the demand for the career grows.

Medical Programs

It is important to make sure when you are hunting for a medical program to join that you first check with the school and make sure its the right place to get an education from. You also want to make sure that medical certification programs aren’t a better fit for you. Usually if you want to go to school for a medical program which only requires certification you’ll want to check out that instead of going for a degree it might be easier and deal with the specifics that your looking to learn. A perfect example of this is CNA Training the course is very short and can get you into the medical field in much less time instead of going right for nursing. Their are many other great examples of jobs like this and much of what is learned as a certified nursing assistant is the same material you would learn as a nurse. So it can give valuable experience which could be later applied to nursing if you decide to continue your education.